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For the watch enthusiast with a passion for innovation and ingenuity, the new must-have timepieces are from DEVON. These engineering masterpieces are from our design lab  that has dedicated itself to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit that immediately establishes a leading-edge vision and an exquisite command of the artistry of watch design.  Our unique functionality reinvents the watch, extending far beyond the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.  DEVON'S movement  is a mesmerizing display of our patented system of interwoven Time Belts that displays hours, minutes and seconds in a way that’s never been dreamed of before


DEVON timepieces are wholly developed and manufactured in the U.S., thereby capturing the unique character of the American dream. The ultimate validation of this innovative spirit came in 2010 when the Tread 1 was nominated for the esteemed Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve in the category of Design and Concept Watch – the first American watch brand ever to receive this laudable recognition.



Tread 2 is instantly recognizable as a DEVON, it creates an entirely new identity and aesthetic with everyday practicality. The Tread 2’s movement continues the DEVON tradition of displaying time using our patented system of Time Belts with hours displayed on the horizontal belt and minutes displayed on the vertical belt. A seconds display function and a useful chronograph feature can be actuated through the watch’s unique articulating crown lever and push button. All Tread movements use precision-cut ruby bearings for significantly increased durability and reduced maintenance.


Tread 1 is the must-have timepiece for the watch enthusiast with a passion for innovation and ingenuity. This engineering masterpiece is the debut timepiece from DEVON. Tread. At the heart of the Tread 1 is an onboard microprocessor, essentially a tiny computer, that controls all of the watch’s functions. It gathers data from a temperature-compensated crystal and a proprietary optical recognition system, which continuously monitors and verifies the position of the Time Belts thereby ensuring steadfast accuracy – in fact, the Tread 1 is accurate to within one half-second per day.  Lubricant-free ruby bearings are used at the friction points of thePower for the Tread 1 is provided by a robust lithium-polymer rechargeable cell that runs for up to two weeks on a single charge. When recharging is required, it is accomplished inductively, without wires, via a charging tower in only a few hours. 


Group 63


For the watch enthusiast with a passion for innovation and ingenuity, the new must-have timepiece is the Tread 1. Although very similar in size and configuration to the normal Tread 1, the limited edition Group 63 is instantly recognizable as something special. 

The exterior case parts are a mix of black coated frame and carbotech master links. To form the plates of carbotech from which these components are made, thin sheets of carbon fibers are compressed at a controlled temperature under high pressure, together with a high-end polymer, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), binding the composite material and making it even stronger and more durable. The carbon fibers used are very long to ensure great aesthetic uniformity; the sheets are super-imposed and pressed together in such a way that  the fibers of each layer are set at a different angle to the ones above and below it. This produces a stripped matte black appearance which varies according to the cut of the material, resulting in each watch being truly unique. The visual symphony carries on inside the case where the most recognizable features are the movement's red motor housings and discreet indicator plate surrounding hour, minute, and second. The Time Belts are black, while the numerals are executed in strong red contributing to a decidedly sporty, racing appearance. 



How often should I charge my Devon watch?

If it is not being used, we recommend charging your Tread 2 every 15 days and your Tread 1 every 21 days.. Otherwise, our suggestion is to use the battery level indicator on the watch and charge it once the indicator level reaches 20%. . For convenience, some Devon owners have used a programmable power timer that charges the watch for 10 hours every 15 or 21 days depending on the model.

Should I leave my Devon watch on the charger after it's fully charged?

After the watch is fully charged, it should not be left on an active charger. This helps to both protect the battery from damage and preserve its longevity. Extended periods of charging can cause damage to the battery and the watch itself. 

If I need service on my watch what should I do?

Contact us at info@devonworks.com. We can send you instructions for sending the watch in for service.


My Devon is charged but it is not responding?

When the battery level becomes low, the watch will automatically turn off. This allows the internal circuitry to keep the correct time before the battery level is completely depleted. Often, owners will mistake the power saving mode for an error in the watch. Replacing it on the charger will charge the battery, and after some time charging will charge the battery to the point it automatically comes out of power saving mode. Occasionally, if the battery is drained too far, the operating system may lock in power save mode. In such a case, a battery reset will correct the issue.


What does the Devon warranty cover?

Generally, the Devon warranty extends to workmanship defects for a period of two years and a one year warranty on the battery. Basically, this covers normal wear and excludes things like water intrusion, damage from dropping, scratches, etc. Please keep in mind that the Devon warranty is only available if the watch is purchased from an AUTHORIZED DEVON RETAILER. Please refer to the warranty sections (link) for full details.


How long does the watch operate on a single charge?

With normal use, we expect the Tread 1 and Tread 2 watches operate for seven to ten days. Of course, batteries vary, as does the manner of use. Using the various modes of the watches can impact the duration of the charge.

How do I get accessories (like replacement straps, travel chargers) and replacement parts for my Devon?

Accessories and replacement parts are available through Devon or any of its authorized retailers.


How do I reach Devon with questions or customer needs?

The best way to reach us is via email at info@devonworks.com. Alternatively, you can use our customer service line


Why do some watches have serial numbers with a second number?

Each Devon watch is serial numbered for authenticity. If the watch has a serial number with a second number (i.e. STP 54/150), then it is a limited edition. If a watch is listed as limited edition, once the supply of is exhausted, the watch will no longer be made. Of course we will continue to stock the necessary items for repair. It should be noted, a limited edition is a cap on the number of watches of that edition that will be made, it is not a minimum. Devon may discontinue a limited edition before the reaching the limitation.


Warranty Registration

Serial Number Ownership:

It is strongly recommended that you register your watch with Devon after purchasing it. Devon keeps a data base for warranty claims and ownership. We use that information for service needs and also ownership.


Return Policy:

Any watch purchased through a retailer is subject to that retailers return policy. If purchased directly from Devon, our return policy is return within 3 days of the date the watch was received for full credit on the sale price. Because of the unique nature of our watches, only returns that are in new condition and unworn may be accepted. 


Are the watches waterproof?

Devon Tread watches are water resistant, but not water proof. It is strongly recommended that you do not submerge your Tread watch, especially in heated water like hot tubs.



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