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The Devon Tread models operate with sophisticated electronic based time keeping system. Within the microprocessors, there are a number of safe guards to ensure that if the battery is depleted, that the watch continues to keep time and operates.


When the battery level becomes low, the watch will automatically turn off. This allows the internal circuitry to keep the correct time before the battery level is completely depleted. Often, owners will mistake the power saving mode for an error in the watch. Replacing it on the charger will charge the battery, and after some time charging will charge the battery to the point it automatically comes out of power saving mode. Occasionally, if the battery is drained too far, the operating system may lock in power save mode. In such a case, a battery reset will correct the issue. Please contact DEVON or retailer should Battery Reset be required.


Please note, that the Treads should be at room temperature for proper operation: if the watch is below room temp (50 or below,) the watch must warm up, or it will may not function.


Charging time suggestion for full charge are 8-10 hours for Tread 1, 5 to 6 hours for Tread 2.


To avoid issues with power resting, it is strongly recommended that you charge your Devon Tread at least every 20 days and store it in power off mode. Charge even if stored in the off mode). It should be noted that the charging system has an automatic shut off to prevent the watch battery from over charging. If left on the charging stand, the charging circuitry will continue to trickle charge the battery to ensure it remains fully charged. While this is acceptable, best practices for longevity of the battery is to cycling charge and discharge regularly.


Care should be taken when operating the crown. While it is designed for longevity, often when there is an issue, like with the power level, a user will use greater force in a mistaken effort to press the connections to make it operate. The crown should never be pressed or twisted with force. Once it reaches its natural stopping point, no further pressure should be applied.


Common trouble shooting issues:


Belts not moving

If the watch is in time set mode, the belts will not move. Exit the time release mode by pressing the crown in and releasing. The watch could also be in off mode. The watch could also be in power saving mode, place the watch on the charger and allow two to three hours for the battery to safely charge out of power saver mode. If this occurs, please contact DEVON or retailer, or return for service if the watch does not recover.


Unresponsive Crown

If the watch is functioning, but the crown switch is not responsive, then there may be an issue within the crown mechanism. The watch most likely will need to be returned for service. Do not attempt to cure the issue by excessive force as this could cause additional damage to the watch. .

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